Colours is a performing arts leadership
development program for students in PGCPS.
There are no auditions to join Colours.

Students do not need any performing arts experience.

Students should bring to the program:

1. A desire to excel in the classroom and on the stage.

2. A willingness to cultivate leadership skills for the benefit of others.

3. A thirst to become the best possible person he or she can be.

4. An engaging desire to succeed in a team dynamic.

5. A can do attitude to inspire others through action.


To join simply contact Colours and come to our rehearsals ASAP.

Colours will travel everywhere and anywhere
to reach an audience. Bring a truly unique
performance to your event, school, business, or
community now.

1. Email or Call the Colours Program.
(301-805-6880 or click e-mail in the header)

2. Leave information regarding date, time, location, and event.

3. "The Soul of America" is the standard traveling production
    and generally runs 25 - 45 minutes per performance.

4. Colours operates on honorariums for performances.

The Colours Program is now based at The Bowie Center for the Performing Arts