the Colours Program

3 Chords and The Truth

After Hurricane Katrina, the Colours Program launched a garage band program for youth. The program put instruments in the hands of students, celebrated the music of the DELTA and beyond, and raised funds for programs in the Delta Region. 

Who and What We Are

Keeping it Old School

Through the decades Colours continues to celebrate the old school. Whether our RUN DMC tribute or celebrating the female voices of hip hop; Colours keeps it old school. \


Colours works as a vocal  ensemble to celebrate the music that makes us all think, love, and smile. Whether it is Sly and The Family Stone, the sounds of the Civil Rights Movement, or 90's vocals; Colours brings it all vocally.

The Soul of America

The legendary touring prodction by COLOURS is designed to fit any program. 
Presented for schools, businesses, government agencies, and beyond; this is an audience friendly and engaging ramp thorugh the soul of America.